Defender™ MaxGuard Insecticide

The joy a garden provides may be brought to a standstill by marauding invaders - insects that chomp through and suck the life out of plants seemingly overnight. MaxGuard can stop them in their tracks, and help restore your flower garden to its former beauty. Not recommended for use on food plants

  • Effective control of a broad range of common garden pests
  • Don't use on vegetables, fruits, herbs or other edibles
  • Safe to use indoors and outside
  • Protects for weeks after application
  • Perfect pest control for the ornamental garden

Low toxicity

MaxGuard is not a scheduled poison - it poses very minimal risk to humans, animals and birds. No protective gear required

Three-way action

The active ingredient kills insects on contact, through residue on plants and via the sap when plants are chewed or sucked

Innovative technology

MaxGuard is the result of modern technology that has produced an insecticide is considered of low risk to bee populations, unlike many


750ml Ready-to-Use trigger spray bottle

5L Ready-to-Use container with battery powered Comfort Wand

1L Concentrate (dilute 50mL in 1L of water)

Suitable for

Control of common insect pests including azalea lace bug, aphid, whitefly, scale, thrips, mealy bug and leafhopper on ornamental plants in the garden or indoors

Not suitable for

Do not apply to FOOD PLANTS, including vegetables and fruit trees

Do not spray directly on to humans, pets, exposed food, food utensils or food preparation areas

Do not apply if bees are feeding on flowering plants

How it works

The active ingredient in MaxGuard, acetamiprid, works in three ways:

  • when sprayed directly on to insects (contact killing)
  • via insects coming into contact with residue on plants after application (residual effect)
  • ingestion through insects chewing/sucking on treated plants that have absorbed it (systemic effect)

How to use

Ready-to-use 750mL trigger pack

  1. Shake the bottle well before use
  2. Looking down on to the top of the bottle, depress the red tab in the centre of the white nozzle with your thumb
  3. Turn the nozzle through 90 degrees to the right for a misting spray, or 90 degrees to the left for a stream
  4. Squeeze the trigger repeatedly to deliver the spray, making sure to thoroughly wet upper and lower leaf surfaces and stems
  5. When finished, always return the nozzle to the OFF position (X on the nozzle)

Ready-to-use 5L with battery powered Comfort Wand

  1. Shake the container well before use
  2. Connect sprayer as instructed on the label
  3. Apply a thorough spray making sure to wet both upper and lower surfaces of leaves as well as stems
  4. Spray evenly


  1. Shake the bottle well before use
  2. Dilution ratio is 50mL of MaxGuard Concentrate to 1L of water
  3. Add the required volume of the product to water in a sprayer and mix well
  4. Do not mix more than is required for the task at hand - ensure it is all used as it cannot be stored for later use because it will rapidly degrade in solution
  5. Apply as per the above directions for the Ready-to-Use product
  6. After spraying, wash the sprayer thoroughly 


Indoor and outdoor ornamental plants including roses, shrubs, palms, bedding plants and trees

  • Aphids
  • Azalea lace bug
  • Whitefly
  • Mealy bug
  • Leaf hooper (jassid)
  • Scale (not white wax scale)
  • Common thrips
  • Greenhouse thrips
  • Lillypilly psyllids
  1. Spray to the point of runoff, covering both leaf surfaces, shoots and buds.
  2. Apply at the first sign of pest activity and repeat at intervals of 7-10 days while pests remain.
  3. Two or three sprays may be required to control an existing infestation.
  4. For mealy bug ensure coverage of hard-to-get-at places where this pest is found.
  5. Avoid spraying flowers in full sun as petal marking could occur


For a complete guide on how to use Defender MaxGuard Insecticide, always check the packaging 

When to use

Any time insect pests are present and active on ornamental plants

Safety Information

Technical details

  • MaxGuard Ready-to-Use contains 0.5g/L acetamiprid
  • MaxGuard Concentrate contains 1g/L acetamiprid. Diluted at the label rate of 50mL per litre of water, the 1L bottle makes 20L of spray.
  • Acetamiprid is a new technology insecticide that:
    • kills insects on contact
    • has a long residual effect
    • is systemic (absorbed into plants, circulated through the sap system and will kill pests chewing on treated plants)
    • is 'bee friendly' - does not affect bees as do many commonly available insecticides

Where to buy it

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