Scotts Osmocote® Professional Fruit & Citrus Potting & Planting Mix

A specially formulated potting and planting mix for fruiting trees and shrubs in pots and the garden, including evergreen and deciduous varieties as well as citrus. It includes Scotts Osmocote® that feeds for 6 months

  • Ideal for fruits growing in pots as well as for improving the soil in planting sites in the garden
  • The included controlled release plant food releases nutrients slowly for up to 6 months
  • Water storing crystals absorb and hold water for when plants need it
  • A wetting agent allows water to soak in and prevents drying out
  • Boosted levels of iron and magnesium encourage healthy dark green foliage

Iron and magnesium

Boosted levels of iron and magnesium produce lush, deep green leaves and, in citrus especially, help eliminate yellowing

Wetting agent

Assists moisture to soak into the mix and helps plant roots absorb nutrients

Water crystals

Absorb and hold many times their own weight of water, releasing it back in the mix as and when plants need it - perfect for hot, dry summers when rain is scarce

Australian Standard

Certified to meet the Australian Standard for Premium potting mixes


25L bag

Suitable for

All fruiting trees and shrubs including citrus (orange, lemon, lime, mandarin, cumquat, grapefruit, tangelo, etc), stone fruits (peach, apricot, plum, cherry, nectarine, etc), pome fruits (apple, pear and nashi), tropical fruits (mango, pawpaw, avocado, custard apple, macadamia, etc)

Ideal for dwarf, espalier and columnar fruits growing in large tubs and half wine barrels

Safe to use for new plants - the controlled release of nutrients means it will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots

Not suitable for

Don't use for phosphorus sensitive plants

Don't use in hydroponic growing systems or ponds

Don't use on lawns - use only specifically named lawn topdress soils on grassed areas

How it works

  • Fruit & Citrus Potting & Planting Mix provides the ideal growing environment for most types of fruits
  • It has been designed and is guaranteed to grow better plants from young saplings to mature trees

How to use

In pots or barrels

  1. Use Fruit & Citrus Potting & Planting Mix straight from the bag - don't mix it with other materials. Close the bag tightly after use
  2. Water plants that are to be repotted and allow them to drain
  3. Choose a clean container with large drainage holes and partly fill it the fresh mix out of the bag
  4. Carefully knock the plant to be potted up from its existing pot and loosen the root ball. Trim off any dead or damaged roots
  5. Place the plant in the centre of the pot and fill with mix to 2-3cm below the rim.
  6. Tap the new pot or container gently on the bench to help the new mix settle in and around the roots - do not pack it down
  7. Water the pot thoroughly (until water runs from the drainage holes) then allow it to drain freely. If necessary, top the mix up again to the suggested level.
  8. Place the pot or container in a sheltered spot for a few days to allow the plant to settle and acclimatise before moving back to its permanent home

In-ground planting

  1. When planting out fruit trees into the garden, dig a dish-shaped hole about 1½ times the size of the root ball of the plant and twice as wide.
  2. Turn the plant out of the existing container and loosen the root ball or, if it is a bare-root deciduous tree, remove it from the wrapping and shake out any sawdust or sandy soil
  3. Place some Fruit & Citrus Potting & Planting Mix in the base of the hole, then position the tree in the centre.
  4. When planting deciduous bare-root trees, make a small mound of the mix in the centre of the hole and make sure the roots are spread evenly over it
  5. Back fill with mix and ensure the plant is no deeper than it was previously either in a pot or in the ground (check the soil mark on the trunk)
  6. It is important that the budding or grafting union is well clear of the soil level as it is often a weak point through which diseases and pests can enter the plant
  7. Water the plant well after planting and make sure it is not allowed to dry out in the first few weeks

For a complete guide on how to use Scotts Osmocote® Professional Fruit & Citrus Mix, watch the video on this page and always check the packaging.

When to use

  • Evergreen fruit trees and citrus are best repotted or planted out in Spring or Autumn when there is little danger of frosts occurring
  • Deciduous / bare-root trees should be planted in Winter, while they are devoid of leaves and dormant

Safety Information

CAUTION: This product may cause staining of hard surfaces if wet. Avoid contact with hard surfaces and if contact does occur, sweep off immediately.

When using potting mixes, we recommend the use of garden gloves to protect your hands

Technical details

  • Scotts Next Generation water crystals are non-toxic, acrylamide-free crystals that store 100x their own weight in water (unlike some other brands, our crystals are not the same as those used in disposable nappies)
  • Scotts Osmocote® Controlled Release Fertiliser provides plant nutrition and trace elements for up to 6 months

Where to buy it

Decided what product best suits your needs? Or would you prefer to go in-store to ask for more information?

Visit your local Bunnings Warehouse for our largest range.

You can also find Scotts products in a number of gardening, hardware, independent and supermarket retailers including Flower Power, Mitre10, Coles and Woolworths.

Note: Not all brands and products are stocked in all stores. For any additional questions please visit our contact us page.

In New Zealand, go to your local Bunnings warehouse

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