Scotts Everydrop Premium Water Storing Crystals

Reduce the amount of time and water needed to adequately sustain plants with Scotts Everydrop Water Storing Crystals. Water rapidly changes the crystals into reservoirs of moisture. Unlike other crystals, Scotts Everydrop releases water back to plant roots.

  • Absorb and hold up to 100 times their own weight in water, releasing as soils dry
  • Allow soils to retain more water for longer
  • Ideal for water-repellent (hydrophobic) soils
  • Start working immediately
  • Increases time between watering

Improves water retention

Crystals enhance the water holding capacity of your soil or potting mix and prevent rapid drying

Non toxic

Scotts Everydrop Crystals are completely safe and acrylamide free

Immediate action

Start working immediately

Rapid recharging

Crystals rehydrate readily with successive watering, so will last for months

Suitable for

Garden beds and lawns, including vegetable and herb gardens

Pots, planters, hanging baskets and other containers that dry out quickly

Safe to use around new plants

How it works

  • Scotts Everydrop Water Storing Crystals absorb and hold up to 100 times their own weight in water
  • Water is released back into the soil or potting mix as plant roots need it
  • Crystals start working immediately so watering, rainfall and liquid feeding are more effective, even in hard-to-wet sandy, clay or compacted soils and potting mixes

How to use

Pots, Containers & Baskets

  • Add 1 teaspoon (5g) of dry crystals to 5L (half a bucket) of potting mix and blend thoroughly before potting up

Garden Beds

  • Mix dry crystals into garden soil at planting time or around established plants
  • Water in thoroughly to 'charge' the crystals

Tip: Re-apply every 6 months for maximum effectiveness.

For a complete guide on how to use Scotts Everydrop Soil Wetters, always check the packaging.

When to use

  1. For maximum effect, add Scotts Everydrop crystals to pots and soils before Summer, and water in
  2. Re-apply every 6 months during dry periods

Safety Information

  • Safety first: Read the instructions on the product packaging before use and take particular note of any warnings or cautions on the label

    We recommend you always wear gloves when gardening and handling products

    See the Safety Data Sheet for this product

Technical details

  • Totally safe and non-toxic to all plant types
  • Acrylamide-free - the crystals used in Scotts Everydrop are not the same as those used in disposable nappies and many other brands of water storing crystals

Where to buy it

Decided what product best suits your needs? Or would you prefer to go in-store to ask for more information?

Visit your local Bunnings Warehouse for our largest range.

You can also find Scotts products in a number of gardening, hardware, independent and supermarket retailers including Flower Power, Mitre10, Coles and Woolworths.

Note: Not all brands and products are stocked in all stores. For any additional questions please visit our contact us page.

In New Zealand, go to your local Bunnings warehouse

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