Scotts Everydrop Premium Granular Soil Wetter

Make the most of every drop of available water with Scotts Everydrop granules, designed to maximise every drop of water, consistently and evenly. It's safe to use in every garden situation - on pots, lawns and garden beds.

  • Increases water absorption by 50%*
  • Allows soils to hold more water for longer
  • Ideal for water-repellent (hydrophobic) soils
  • Gets water deep into dry soil
  • Helps reduce run-off and pooling
  • Sustained, slow action that lasts for up to 6 months

    * Based on standard versus treated growing media

Improves water retention

Helps water disperse evenly into dry soils that repel water, allowing soil particles to absorb moisture down into the root zone

Promotes maximum rehydration

The better hydrated the soil, the stronger and deeper roots will be and the healthier the soil

Long term 100% non-toxic

Starts working immediately and lasts for up to 6 months. Totally safe and non-toxic to all plant types

Product sizes

2.5L bucket (covers up to 50m2)
25L bag (covers up to 500m2)

Suitable for

Garden beds and lawns, including vegetable and herb gardens

Pots, planters, hanging baskets and other containers that dry out quickly

Safe to use around new plants - will not burn

How it works

  • Scotts Everydrop granules contain a wetting agent, also known as a surfactant, that breaks the surface tension of soils and potting mixes, allowing water and soluble nutrients to soak deep down to the root zone where plants need them most.
  • It works immediately so watering, rainfall and liquid feeding are more effective, even in hard-to-wet sandy, clay or compacted soils and potting mixes.
  • Scotts Everydrop has a sustained, slow release wetting agent that's effective for up to 6 months, and is the choice of leading professional growers.

How to use

Garden beds & Lawns

  • Sprinkle Scotts Everydrop granules over garden soil and lawns
  • Water in thoroughly to initiate the wetting agent process

Pots, Containers & Baskets

  • Apply to the surface or mix throughpotting mix when planting at the rates suggested below:
    • 250mm (10 inch pot) - 10mL
    • 300mm (12 inch pot) - 20mL
    • 400mm (16 inch pot) - 40mL
  • Water in thoroughly

For a complete guide on how to use Scotts Everydrop Soil Wetters, always check the packaging.

When to use

  1. For maximum penetration of garden beds, lawns and pots, apply Scotts Everydrop granules before Summer and let natural rains water in.
  2. Re-apply every six months or more regularly if required - when you see obvious areas where water is pooling on the surface or not soaking in within a few minutes.

Safety Information

  • Safety first: Read the instructions on the product packaging before use and take particular note of any warnings or cautions on the label

    We recommend you always wear gloves when gardening and handling products

    See the Safety Data Sheet for this product

Technical details

  • Totally safe and non-toxic to all plant types

Where to buy it

Decided what product best suits your needs? Or would you prefer to go in-store to ask for more information?

Visit your local Bunnings Warehouse for our largest range.

You can also find Scotts products in a number of gardening, hardware, independent and supermarket retailers including Flower Power, Mitre10, Coles and Woolworths.

Note: Not all brands and products are stocked in all stores. For any additional questions please visit our contact us page.

In New Zealand, go to your local Bunnings warehouse

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