Defender™ Home Defense Indoor & Outdoor Barrier Spray

Removing 'creepy crawlies' in and around your home has never been easier! Combining the advantages of a contact insecticide and an effective barrier spray, Home Defense will kill pests and protect your property from further incursions

  • Ready to use, do-it-yourself home pest control
  • Safe around and inside your home
  • Effective against a broad range of common insects and spiders
  • Protects for up to 9 months*
    *when sprayed on to nonporous, undercover surfaces

Low toxicity

Home Defense is not a scheduled poison - it poses very minimal risk to humans, animals and birds

Kills and controls

The chemical in this product kills on contact with insects and spiders, as well as creating an effective barrier against these pests when applied in a band around the home, across doorways and around windows


A cost-effective, non-toxic alternative to commercial pest control that may use potent chemicals


5L Ready-to-Use container with battery powered Comfort Wand

3L Ready-to-Use container with manual spray gun

Suitable for

Control of common insect pests and spiders around the house and property, including papernest wasps, ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies and mosquitoes

May be sprayed in and around dog kennels and dog bedding for the control of fleas - remove food and water dishes first and keep pets away until spray is completely dry

Not suitable for

Do not apply to food plants

Do not apply in windy conditions when spray may drift on to food plants

Do not spray if bees are foraging

Do not apply within 2m of a fishpond or water containing fish or other aquatic life

How it works

The chemical in Home Defense, bifenthrin, works in two ways:

  • by killing when sprayed directly on to insects and spiders (contact killing)
  • by direct contact with the chemical when it is sprayed on to surfaces around the home that insects and spiders may travel across (residual effect)

Residual control on non-porous surfaces (timber, fibre cement, ceramic, glass, aluminium, painted surfaces) may last for up to 9 months provided the surface is not exposed to weather or other factors that may disturb it.

On porous surfaces (bricks and concrete, for example) residual effect will be significantly shorter.

How to use

Home Defense is a ready-to-use product - no dilution or mixing is needed. Simply attach the sprayer and you're ready to go.

  1. Shake the container well before use
  2. Connect sprayer as instructed on back label of container
  3. Apply a thorough spray holding the nozzle 20-25cm from surfaces being treated
  4. Spray evenly and to near the point of runoff - 3L should cover around 60m2

Exterior home protection

  1. Apply in a band 2-3 metres wide on to soil or other surface around and directly adjacent to the house. If the treated band is disturbed or is exposed to rain, the product will need to be re-applied to maintain the barrier
  2. Spray under the eaves, around window frames, behind down pipes and guttering and around outbuilding close to the house. Areas exposed to rain should be re-treated to maintain protection.
  3. Spray in and around the letterbox
  4. For houses built above ground level, spray under the house around stumps, floor joists and the underside of floorboards

Around the perimeter of the home Spiders Spray directly on to spiders or where webs are present. For longer-lasting protection spray under floors, eaves, around windows, protected darkened areas and inside cracks and crevices. Repeat when spiders begin to reappear
Under eaves, gutting & downpipes Papernest wasps Spray nests directly and to the point of run-off. When all adult wasps have been knocked down remove the nest from the structure
Ants Apply to trails and nests, around garbage bins and points of entry. Repeat as necessary
Around window frames Cockroaches Spray all points of entry including air vents, window frames, cracks, crevices and door jambs
Fleas Spray outside surfaces of building and surrounds including foundations, verandas, window frames, eaves, patios, garages, dog kennels, sand pits, soil, turf and other areas where pests congregate.
Under house & around foundations Flies, mosquitoes Apply as a residual treatment to surfaces where insects nest or harbour, such as window sills, door jambs and fly screens. Reapply as necessary



  1. Ensure rooms being treated are well ventilated and remove any pets. Apply around perimeter of each room paying attention to likely entry points.
  2. Spray under cupboards, ovens and cooktops, under and behind refrigerators, etc - all potential hiding spots for insects and spiders.
  3. Don't forget the roof cavity and around air vents, heating/cooling outlets and ducted vacuum points.
  4. Wait until the spray has completely dried before allowing pets or children back into treated areas.

For a complete guide on how to use Defender Home Defense Indoor & Outdoor Barrier Spray, watch the video on this page and always check the packaging

When to use

Any time insect pests and spiders are present in and around the home.

Safety Information

Technical details

Home Defense contains 0.5g/L bifenthrin, a new technology insecticide that is not a scheduled poison and is of very low toxicity to humans, animals and birds

Where to buy it

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