Spring - Planting and maintenance garden guide

The blush of colour on opening flower buds and the delicate green tracery of new leaves on trees and shrubs tell us that winter's over and longer, warmer days are ahead.

It's the start of a new year in the garden and it's time for gardeners to get outside and enjoy it.



From early to mid September in most areas (2-3 weeks later in cold areas like alpine and southern Victoria and Tasmania), the following can be planted out into the garden or pots:

The flower garden

  • Seedlings of late Spring and Summer flowering annuals like alyssum, lobelia, French marigold, petunia, portulaca, salvia and zinnia - check what's in stock at your local garden centre
  • Drought-hardy perennials such as geranium, scabiosa, statice
  • Evergreen trees and shrubs and deciduous shrubs from pots (eg roses)

The vegetable patch

  • Direct sow seeds of the following vegetables & herbs from mid Spring (when the soil has warmed)
    • lettuce
    • rocket
    • bok choy
    • pak choy
    • bush and climbing beans
    • beetroot
    • silver beet
    • squash and pumpkin
    • sweet corn
    • zucchini
    • basil
    • coriander
    • dill
    • oregano
    • parsley
    • vietnamese mint
  • Sow tomato seeds in punnets or trays. Keep moist but not wet and place in a warm spot out of the direct sun. Transplant into the garden or large pots mid Spring when the soil is warm.

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Fertilising the entire garden, including lawns, in early spring will ensure strong, healthy plants throughout the growing season (Spring to Autumn)

Garden beds





  • Trim back camellias lightly to encourage bushiness
  • Prune blossom and other trees that flower in late winter / early spring as soon as flowering has finished
  • Prune passionfruit vines back to the main laterals - flowers and fruits are produced on new growth
  • Cut off dead flowers from Spring bulbs, then let the leaves die down naturally before tidying up or lifting bulbs

Lawn care

Lawns need attention as we come out of winter. Cold weather slows growth and allows weeds to get a toe-hold - take action now to kill them off!


Controlling garden pests