Preparation and Planting

No matter where you live in Australia, growing fruit trees is easier than you think, and incredibly rewarding. Whether you have an acre or a balcony, if you have 6 hours of full sun a day you can grow your own fruit.

Fruit and citrus trees require a little patience in the beginning but in only a few short years you’ll be harvesting enough produce to reduce trips to the greengrocer's to maybe once a month or so.

Ripened naturally on the tree and consumed at their peak, home-grown fruits are unlike anything you buy from the store. But there’s more to home-grown fruit than just taste. Because you've grown it yourself, you know exactly what's gone into it and what's been used on it. Depending on how you garden, there will be:

  • minimal or no sprays or chemicals
  • no post-harvest preservation treatment
  • no long road trips ('food miles')
  • no extended time in cold storage

Not only does your fruit taste better, it’s better for you and the environment!