About Us

Scotts is a leading lawn and garden company with trusted brands such as Osmocote, Lawn Builder, Miracle-Gro, Defender and Roundup.

Scotts is firmly committed to gaining a superior understanding of what consumers want through extensive research and development programs. We are determined to continue to bring innovative new products to the market place to better meet consumers needs.

"Dedicated to a Beautiful World" is the Scotts Company commitment, which we embrace through:

  • A commitment to provide products, services and information that will help our consumers be successful-growing beautiful gardens, strong trees and healthy lawns.
  • A true partnership with our retail customers-taking their lawn and garden departments to new heights and contributing to their overall profitability.
  • Innovation partnerships, resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

The Scotts employees are passionate about this business because, every day, they see the benefits of their work in the beauty that surrounds us. We believe there is no better business to be in-and there's no better company than Scotts.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) - Berkshire Park