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Lawn care made easy


A lawn is so much more than the grass around your home. Lawns are your own outdoor oasis, sporting field, playground and park.


Most importantly, lawns are your connection with the earth and creating a lush lawn is easier than you think.



Whether you are looking to:

Our tips & tricks, How to videos and downloadable guides will help you get that lawn that you have been looking for, and it's easy than you think. 


Need a quick burst of colour?


Lawn Builder Extreme Green fast acting lawn fertiliser simply attaches to your hose to feed your lawn in minutes or in a granular form that will green your lawn in just 3 days!

Apply to any grass type during the growing season and your lawn will respond with renewed vigour and colour.


Lawn Builder Weed, Feed & Green Up

Our new Lawn Builder Weed, Feed & Green Up
hose-on is the answer to your

Kills weeds not your grass, also
contains fertiliser to feed your lawn 
at the same time.


Immediate, 3 month feeding made easy

Osmocote Plus Organics Slow Release Liquid Fertiliser is a world leading innovation that feeds continuously for 3 months - the longest lasting liquid plant food!

It goes to work immediately, and
is effective whether applied to
the soil or leaves.